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The Aggendar is a system that has a set of solutions and tools for scheduling and relationship between Clients and Professional!

To better understand imagine this scenario:

On one side you have the professionals who define their areas of performances, specialties, workplaces, availability of days and times for appointments and other information and your schedule settings.
(Application Aggendar Professionals)

And on the other hand you have customers, who view these professionals, and may perform scheduling according to your own personal preferences and the availability of selected professional.
(Application Aggendar Clients)

Both sides relate and Aggendar streamlines and simplifies this relationship, being present in all stages of this process, innovating every step and providing a new experience across applications “Aggendar Customers” and “Aggendar Professionals”.

The application “Aggendar Professionals” is perfect for doctors, dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, health professionals who work with schedule and calls!

The application “Aggendar Customers” is completely free and intended for customers of the professionals who are in Aggendar and anyone interested in making appointments in an innovative way.

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Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad