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Apptivo Expenses is the perfect app to streamline your expense management process. Apptivo Expenses has a mobile app to track and manage your expenses on the go.

Expense management can be a costly drain on resources for businesses of any size. Focusing too many resources on tracking this process can cause more resources to be spent, while providing too few resources can allow errors in the process which impact employee satisfaction and/or company finances.

Apptivo Expenses is designed to streamline the entire reporting & oversight process. Making your employees happier, providing insight into operations, and ensuring policy compliance.

Apptivo Expenses integrates with your banking provider, and available via mobile & the web.


Mobile Receipt Capture
Employees can access Apptivo on your Android device to take photos of their receipts and capture expenses on the go. Snap a photo, submit for approval, and get reimbursed. Spend more time on building business, and less time expensing it.

Bank Account & Credit Card Integration
Connects with all major banking & credit providers using OFX technology. Easily download a list of recent transactions, then categorize & include them within expense reports. Reduce effort in expensing multiple transactions at once, while ensuring complete accuracy.

Approval Workflows
Once submitted, instantly route expenses to a manager, or even directly to a customer. Define rules & limits, such as requiring secondary manager approval for any expense greater than $5000.

Reimbursement Tracking
Quickly and easily reimburse expense reports to keep employees happy. Receive instant notification of approved reports, and view a list of all eligible pending reports at any time.

Mileage Tracking
Create a painless experience for employees to be reimbursed for the miles they drive. Configure your own business rules to determine what an employee is paid per mile, allowing the cost of a trip to be calculated automatically.

Unlimited Customizability with Rock Solid Security
Every detail about the app can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Create your own fields for employees to enter when reporting expenses, and even secure certain fields so only the managers can view or make changes to them.

Business Policy Enforcement
Ensure expenses are accurate & adhere to business rules. Administrators can set policies that affect the company as a whole, or even a specific category. For example, a business may want to require a receipt for any meal & entertainment expenses, or limit lodging expenses to $120 per day.

International Currency Support
Does your business operate beyond borders? No problem! Apptivo offers support for currencies from every country, including the ability to define & enforce conversion rates.

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad