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While viewing Photos in a Particular Album, many a times you face situation like you want to know the date or time on which a particular photo was snapped and you start pressuring your Brain. But now don’t worry because with the help of “Date and Time Stamp on Photo” Application, your Pictures will always be stamped with Date and Time.

☾ Check out some Exciting Features of this Application ☽

? Manual On/Off Functionality
➺ Set Date and Time Stamp only on the Photos you wish with the help of “Stamp Toggle On/Off” Functionality.

? Use of Default Camera
➺ No need to open up the Application and click images to stamp date and time instead use your Smartphone’s inbuilt Camera with all its functionalities.

? Adjustable Stamp Format
➺ You can adjust the format of Date and Time Stamp according to your choice from many options available.

? Varieties in Font Format (After PRO)
➺ Choose which Font you want to display in your Image as Date and Time Stamp.

? Stamp position where you want (After PRO)
➺ Select the position where you want to stamp the date and time in a Picture.

? Manual Selection of Stamp Color (After PRO)
➺ In accordance to the Background of the image, you can choose custom color for Date and Time Stamp.

In other Applications, you need to open up the App and then click images through their inbuilt Camera to stamp date and time which does not allow you to use your inbuilt Camera’s Features. But this Application is completely different and what you need to do is just install this Application and set preferences according to your convenience.

That’s it. Then click images as you do normally through your Default Camera and date and time stamp will be automatically inserted into it. The main benefit of using this Application is that you can click images with all the features of your Default Camera.

Download the Application Now to stamp Authority on your Images!!

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