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BethClip is a cloud multi-platform clipboard sync & manage tool.

BethClip allows you to access your clipboard history at any time so that you can organize, view, copy, paste or share any stored item in your account. This app runs in the background, thus you are not required to keep it always open to manage or sync your clipboard. The app will monitor your clipboard at all times (however you can enable it or disable it at your convenience). You can easily switch to any of your running app. Copying any text or image has never been made so easy, BethClip will sync it in the background through all your devices where you have successfully installed and signed in into Bethclip and you will receive instantly a notification on all other signed in devices with the new copied item . All what you need to do is just do, is to pick the copied item (text, file, picture, URL, contact etc.) from any of your other devices (where BethClip also installed) and continue working normally on this other device.

✔ Clipboard history manager with smart actions;
✔ One-action to sync and One-action to paste;
✔ Manage, rename or delete devices;
✔ Share data with other apps via Android’s Share button;
✔ Multilingual interface;
✔ No Ads
✔ lightly works in background (using minimal resources) so, no needs to switch between apps;
✔ Sync copied text, images, numbers, URLs and etc. from any app or webpage.;
✔ Able to see history of (each) devices separately;
✔ Re-copy, delete or share clipboard data anytime using history manager;
✔ Power saving, battery friendly, minimal system resource usage;
✔ High performance and no ANRs;
✔ Available web version on https://web.bethclip.com”>web.bethclip.com

And please, do not hesitate to give your feedback. Email us at [email protected] or write your feedback here in review.

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad