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Blood For sure is the cloud based Medical emergency response network, which assist people during their medical emergencies by connecting to the nearest emergency responder ( First aid, ambulance , hospital , blood bank , blood donor etc.)

According to WHO estimate, more people die due to lack of timely emergency care than AIDS,TB and malaria combined . Over 6 billion people lack access to reliable emergency response during medical emergencies, and the people who get the response need to deal with delay and unusual costing. During emergency every single second plays a very important role a delay in any of the emergency response could lead to the death. To address this global issue blood for sure has taken an initiation to build the world most reliable emergency response network and make it accessible to everyone , everywhere and every time.

Application is build with some of the finest features to assist people during medical emergencies and few features to encourage volunteer activity and help saving people life. In addition to adding lot of features and functionalities at most care is taken to make is user friendly, quick, light and secure.

1. First aid : this is the first aid assistance tool , which have step by step first aid tips for over 42 different emergency situations . This feature will work even if there is no internet connection.

2. Find ambulance: This feature assist people to find out the nearest ambulance during emergencies.

3. Find blood: This feature assist people to find the nearest blood bank, blood donor during emergencies.

4. Health tools: It has got over 8 health tools like BMI , Heart rate calculator etc.

5. Profile and social sharing: User can set up his own Social profile, register as a blood donor and use social sharing option to spread the awareness.

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