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— Best Particles System Painting App Exclusively for iPad —

~ Completely new & Unique Paint/Sketch App for your iPad..

~ Discover a new way of Painting, with dynamically changing & customizable brushes,

~ Graphics Engine with Kinetic Brushes combined with Smooth Curves Generator

~ Advance Alpha Blending using hardware acceleration

** Beautiful default brushes
** 60fps rendering engine
** Resolutions up to 3072 x2304 with full retina display support
** Infinite Color / Gradient Combinations
** Infinite Brush Types
** Pressure Sensitive Jot Stylus Support
** Generate semi-transparent Artworks for professional use
** Completely independent multiple Layers
** Generous amount of Undo’s/Redo’s
*** Adonit Jot Touch Support with pressure sensitivity
(thanks to Adonit for promptly providing a testing device)

Supported Devices: