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Guess The Emoji Icons Saga – the #1 word phrase to emoji icons guessing and brain puzzle game for iOS!

Guess The Emoji Icons Saga introduces a new and innovative way to guess your favorite emoticons. Instead of guessing the emoticons of the word phrases in the previous version, in this update you have the challenge of selecting the correct icons for the given picture!

With over 40 levels of fun and smart brainy logic, you’ll be immersed in a pool of challenging questions! Think you can guess them all? Well go ahead and give it a try, Guess The Emoji Icons Saga will certainly give you a run for your money!


The hint system of Guess The Emoji Icons Saga provides you with an array of methods to make you progress through the game easier when the puzzles become tough and you’re unable to solve them. The following hints are available in Guess The Emoji Icons Saga –
– The “Reveal an Emoji” hint to make it easier to guess the remaining answers.
– The “Remove an Emoji” hint to remove one of the wrong emojis; use this to narrow down onto the correct answer.
– The “Solve The Question” hint to solve the whole question. You’ll want to use this when you’re stuck on a level and need a hand!

Having trouble on a level and have no coins? No worries! The coin shop is here to solve that problem with numerous coin packs available from small to big sizes. With any coin pack purchase, ads are removed as well!

With the integration of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can share the fun and frolic with your friends and family and enjoy the rewards for sharing!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Guess The Emoji Icons Saga right now, start playing, guessing and become an emoji art icon guessing expert!

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