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ez enRoute is the comprehensive student tracking system based on iBeacon (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology for students, enabling parents to track their children in real time during the routine school pick up and drop offs. ez enRoute offers a loads of features for parents including

1. Live Bus Tracking: Parents can track the bus in real time using the appl on the map. You can track multiple routes using the same app if your children take different routes or different buses or even go to different schools.

2. Multiple Kids: You can manage all your kids to the same app, irrespective to which school they go or which route they take, provided, their schools are signed up with ez enRoute.

3. Notifications: Real time notifications as your children board or off board the bus. Notifications are configurable as per your preference.

4. ETA: You will be notified with ETA for your respective stop in advance so that you can save time and avoid unnecessary waiting time on bus stop.

5. Route Information: App also provides you complete route information with all stops, their arrival time etc. This is useful, in case, you miss the bus and wanted to know the next stop where bus will be.

6. Guardians: You can enrol guardians and other family members in the system so that each can track the children if required.

Note: Please note, ez enRoute Parent application works in conjunction with the Driver application which resides in the Bus. Student’s boarding and boarding off is managed through iBeacons and whole process is completely touch-less. Manual check ins and check outs are allowed only in case the child is not carrying the Beacon.

ez enRoute
Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad