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With Feed2Go you can design, conduct, and analyze surveys on your iPad—wherever you are, even if you’re offline. Waiting for feedback is a thing of the past!
Instead, you’re in charge of when, what, from whom, and how many responses you get. Surveys and feedback are as flexible and professional as you need them to be.

Many different industries and users successfully use Feed2Go in the fields of business, academic research, medicine, education, and more.

* Carrying out surveys
* Measuring customer satisfaction
* Event planning and evaluation
* Interview-based market research
* Lead generation
* Brand communication

* Quickly and easily gather feedback from survey respondents—with all questions on a single page
* Conduct face to face surveys directly with your respondent
* For group surveys, the iPad can be passed independently around a group
* Use in a fixed location (kiosk mode), with automatic reset to the start page

* Flexible survey designs using headings, text blocks, and paragraphs
* Various response options: ratings, relevance, emotions, multiple choice, buttons, typed text
* Use a focus question to highlight your most important query
* Five professional templates included for immediate use
* Automatic add-on questions for demographic and similar data (gender, age, etc.)
* Manage your survey status: active, paused, ended, timeout
* Statement of consent for the collection of data requiring it (optional)
* Thank-you pages with customized and branded design

* Immediate overview of results with diagrams and statistics
* Multilingual responses are merged within a survey
* Get alerts about complaints
* Export results in CSV or PDF format
* Share results/diagrams via social media

* No Internet login required
* No Internet connection necessary
* No need for a computer—everything is on your iPad!
* Data security: all data remains within your own control on your iPad
* App security: access to the app and ending surveys secured by passcode
* iPad security: ensure only surveys can be started with iOS’s “Guided Access”

* Download Feed2Go for free and use the functions described right away
* Create as many surveys and questions as you want
* Run as many surveys as you wish
* Quickly get an overview of the first survey results
* Already set up for two survey languages

PRO VERSION for a one-time price of 9.99 USD(*) (no subscription!)
* Use your own logos and colors
* Analyze and export all of your survey results
* Manage up to four user groups with separate permissions
* Manage many additional languages for your respondents
* Use the many answers option for multiple choice
* Easily share the same surveys on any number of iPads
* Available immediately as an in-app purchase in the Shop

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