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Push your baseball experience to the next level with fun questions and activities that bring math alive through the game going on around you and your children. With fifty questions per grade level (K-6), Fun Math at the Ballpark engages children who love baseball as well as those who are bored at the ballpark.

Many questions encourage your child to input real numbers from the game going on in front of him, reinforcing observational skills and giving him fun reasons to pay attention to the game.

Other questions feed your child’s imagination by asking her to consider what might happen in certain imaginary situations. These questions are also perfect for the classroom since they don’t require attendance at a baseball game.

Fun Math at the Ballpark encourages you to participate in the fun along with your child, with grade-appropriate games, scavenger hunts, and hands-on activities.

-Three-hundred fifty questions/ activities (fifty questions per grade level).
-Answers and explanations.
-Activities you and your child can enjoy game after game.
-Seven grade levels in one app (kindergarten through sixth grade) keep the fun going for years.
-Categories of questions divided into math topics so you can help your child develop specific skills.
-Categories of questions divided into baseball topics so you can tailor the experience to your child’s preferences.
-Thirty-seven custom graphics to illustrate math concepts and visually stimulate learning.

Fun Math
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