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Check in to your city and meet like-minded people nearby.
Meet new people to do interesting activities together or just a chat over coffee.
Make new friends for life!

If you just moved to a new city [OR] You are travelling [OR] You are looking to meet new people to join you in interesting activities, then get on Glynk and start connecting with like-minded ppl nearby.

Travel. Cycling. Shopping. Clubbing. Dancing. Biking. Trekking. Gaming. Football. Jamming. Baking.
Want to do these but keep postponing because friends ditch and you don’t have the right company?
Look for company on Glynk and meet like-minded ppl nearby who would love to join you.

Where to go… What to eat… What to watch…What to read…questions that bother you quite often?
We usually reach out to our likeminded friends for recommendations. But why limit yourself?
Seek recommendations from likeminded ppl who share your tastes.

We brag about:
99.5%+ authentic profiles (Meet only real ppl)
Safe. Secure. Private.
No Spam. No Ads. Ever.

Why only Facebook login?
We enforce FB login with a minimum of 50 friends to give a great experience to genuine users like you. As a result, Glynk has 99.65% authentic profiles today. On Glynk, you can be sure of whom you are talking to!

Already feeling the urge to do something interesting? #Checkin and #GetGlynking to #DoMore

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