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This a fun addictive endless play game where you need to fly your ship to shoot as many bubbles as possible before they combine to form larger bubbles. Use the virtual joystick to steer and move the ship. Touch the shoot button to shoot bullets at the bubbles. The green pipes create endless bubbles which combine to create bigger bubbles. Pink girl bubbles create new bubbles and blue boy bubbles shoot at the ship. Two big bubbles create an indestructible mega black bubble which will hunt you down and kill you.

+ Shoot Bubbles For Points
+ Avoid Enemy Bubble Bullets
+ Bubble Combine To Create Bigger Bubbles
+ Pink Girl Bubbles Create New Bubbles
+ Blue Boy Bubbles Shoot At The Ship
+ Two Big Bubbles Create An Indestructible Mega Black Bubble
+ Avoid The Indestructible Mega Black Bubbles
+ Green Pipes Create Endless Bubbles

Killer Bubbles
Arcade, Games
Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad