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“KIWAMI”, which leads to the world of Wadaiko that could not be experienced until now!

“KIWAMI Wadaiko” inherits the technology of “Taiko spirits”,
Session of Japanese instruments and the various stages, the Wadaiko sound impressive.
It is a Wadaiko app can experience the “ultimate”.
The characteristics are described below.

[Feature] 1.It will faithfully represent the intensity of sound.
By utilizing an acceleration sensor, the intensity of the sound of drums can be represented by the intensity of the tap.

2.It’s represented by a three-dimensional drum sound.
Now that you hit the drum, it represents the sound from that direction.

3.All sounds is what was recorded in the music studio.
All sound sources you are recorded in the “KIWAMI Wadaiko” is what was recorded in the music studio.

4.It will represent the sound in various stages.
It will represent the sound of the stage to play the drums.
Stage to provide are as follows.
*Private room
*Music studio(3 type)
*Middle hall(3 type)
*Large hall(2 type)

5.Session of the Japanese instruments is possible.
It can mix session of Japanese instruments which named Wadaiko(Nagadou daiko,Oh daiko,Shime daiko),Gong,holloa(Man,Woman).
It can mix maximum 10 instruments.
In addition, the position of the stage to play, it represents the sound from that direction.

Now, please enjoy Wadaiko playing the ultimate in “KIWAMI Wadaiko” you too.

=== Contact for the app ===
Support site:http://supp-app.com/kiwami_wadaiko/
E-mail:[email protected]

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