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The game is designed to train anyone simple math while smart players challenge fast counting speed in this accelerating mathematic marathon. In time you see your brain become faster in math operations and number perceptions.

How fast can you count?

“Wonderful! How to make math fun!” – Francis

“I love the concept and the style too!” – Fran

“This Is going to be a new way of exercising your brain!” – Irfan

“Great concept and a great game” – Anthoneil

“This is great for elementary school” – Maikel

“Very smart gameplay” – Federico

“I love the concept, and the visuals haha, really well done !!!!” – Joure

“This should reach the top 10! :) Hope it does!” – Alex

“There is a new formula for success in mathematics thanks to apps like Mathicon” – reviewtheapps.com

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Android, IPhone/Ipad