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Meetintro is a free networking app with unique features that connects you with other professionals and facilitates your business interaction in a personalized environment.

The App’s main functionalities include creation and exchange of business card and address, convene and track meeting, chat with individual or group, categorize contacts, set profile status for each directory, publish to all or post to select contacts, set and track important event and locate a person you may know through unique Intro Id.

Main features of the App include:
– Create your profile and configure your visibility differently for your Associates, Acquaintances and non-contacts – Choose what you share with them – Your public profile as visible to a non-contact can be very minimal and is entirely up to you to decide what you wish others to view.
– Contacts who have your business card become your Associates and others your Acquaintances.
– Even within Associates and Acquaintances you can create directories and sort your contacts under different directories for easy reference.
– Create status for each directory and personalize your status for contacts under each directory.
– Create your own groups with contacts drawn from different directories.
– Create or scan your business card and share it with specific people – You do not need scan or save others’ business cards – Browse business cards of your Associates alongside their profile pictures and communicate with them by tapping on any particular card.
– Use the unique Intro Id to search any user’s profile during a personal interaction and exchange your business cards electronically doing away the need for physical cards.
– Create business address with map and share with your contacts who wish to visit you.
– Publish your thoughts through ‘Gazette’ for all your contacts or post a picture ‘Glitz’ to select contacts.
– You can chat with a group, broadcast to a group or broadcast to a Directory.
– Create one-to-one meeting or convene group meeting, track your meetings, view map showing meet point, notify delay in your arrival to the meeting, reschedule meeting, postpone meeting, add participants to meeting, chat with other participants, create meeting notes and get reminders for meetings.
– Convene followup meeting and maintain history of concluded meetings
– Set and track important event dates like birthdays, work anniversaries, conferences, etc., tag it to contacts and get alerts at the time chosen by you.
– You can stay logged-in and don’t need to logout of the app.
– You can also access your account through multiple devices.

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