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Made in India and Made for India

• Mooshak is an attempt to make Hindi and Devnagari relevant and cool for the NextGen.
• We feel Technology is changing the face of Hindi and especially the way it is written (script) on the internet.
• More than anything we feel it is sheer laziness to be writing Hindi in Devnagari and Mooshak is an humble attempt to show how easy it really is to stay connected using the language that we emote, laugh and cry in.
• If Mooshak can inspire more Apps to be made in Hindi, we shall be most satisfied.
• Mooshak shall continually improve – that is our promise – and we shall make it into something that India can be proud of.
• Do help us spread the good word.

Mooshak Features
• All accounts must be linked to a phone number making trolling difficult if not impossible.
• 500 letters word limit
• Auto translitreation so even if you cannot type in Hindi, go ahead and type in Roman and Mooshak shall convert that to Hindi
• A global board so that you can look around and see whats happening around you even with people that you are now following.
• Facility to upload images, vides and audio.
• Can have your @ name in Devnagari

Jai Hind.

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