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The app is a must-have for every Mum as it enables you to:

1. Learn from other Mums & Experts with the best Parenting blogs
• Enjoy the best selection of Parenting Blogs from Experts and more than 1500 Mommy bloggers with more than 10000 blogs.
• Follow your favorite authors so you get notified when they write
• Share your views and form a virtual support system with more than 3.5 million parents on mycity4kids platform to validate your thoughts or learn from them
• Get regular recommendations from our city-based editorial team through curated lists

2. Create your own Blog
• Add an article and save it as a draft or publish it, from the app itself
• Have a few blog ideas mulling in your head? Start keying it in the app and save a draft to carry on where you left off, on the app or desktop or tablet
• View how readers are responding to your blog post

3. Discover great Events and Resources for children in the city
• View upcoming events and workshops in the city, based on the age of your children and where you stay
• Add the one’s that seem interesting to your family calendar
• Search for summer camps, kids events and workshops, fun places to go, after-school activities, birthday venues, play schools, schools, day care and paediatricians in your neighbourhood
• Filter your search results by locality, activities, age-group and dates of camps and events. Sort your results by distance, ratings and reviews
• View detailed information, reviews, pictures and directions with every listing
• Speak to a service provider with just 1 click

3. Organize your kids daily schedule with a colour-coded Calendar
• An easy to use color-coded calendar where all the kids activities, your own schedule and your spouses are recorded in one place
• Add or edit appointments that you and your spouse can see
• Set reminders so no one misses tennis coaching or an important event
• Get a family agenda for the upcoming week sent by email to you and your spouse. Or take a printout of only your child’s activities for the week.
• Share a specific activity/appointment with a friend/relative

4. Involve your spouse and support system by creating a shared calendar that can be jointly accessed
• Create a shared account with your spouse and adult guardians like grandparents that can be jointly accessed.
• Share tasks and responsibilities by selecting family members as Attendees to an event or as an Assignee to a task. Set reminders for them and yourself
• Communicate with other family members on a specific event or task in real-time by adding Notes

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