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nanu helps everyone in the world speak freely! it is the only voice call and messaging app that works well on 2G or congested networks and provides truly free calls. we offer daily call credits so you can make calls to any landline or mobile phone without the app, for free*. stay connected with loved ones with unlimited free nanu-to-nanu calls and nanu-to-nanu messaging!

join our mission to provide free calls to everyone, everywhere, even on 2G, by downloading nanu today. participating in our mission will enable us to soon offer free call credits to everyone worldwide!

1. enjoy clear and crisp calls even on 2G and congested networks
2. free app to non-app calls with daily call credit allocation*
3. unlimited free app to app calls and messaging
4. consumes 80% less data than other VoIP apps so you can maximise your data plan

*currently only available in India

how to make a call using nanu:
1. select relevant country code prior to dialling a number. alternatively, go to your nanu contacts menu and tap a contact to call
2. for nanu-out calls, the caller is required to have 2G, EDGE, 3G, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi access; the call recipient does not need an internet connection
3. for nanu-to-nanu calls, both the caller and the recipient are required to have an internet connection. by default, if the user you are calling is offline, you will be directed to a nanu-out call. you will be notified of the free call credits you have available and its equivalent number of minutes that you can use to call the destination number. tap “disconnect” if you do not wish to proceed.
4. a non-intrusive voice-advert will be played while you wait for the receiver to pick up your call


3 ways to access the messaging feature:
1. tap the message icon in the messages menu
2. select the message icon in a contact’s profile
3. tap and hold a contact’s name in your recent call list long enough for the option to “send message” to display – select this option


3 ways to earn additional free nanu-out minutes:
1. access the in-app free credits menu (Tapjoy adwall)
2. share nanu in-app with your contacts (tap the “share nanu” menu, send the link, and get 40 free nanu-out** minutes per successful referral registration)
3. participate in nanu Facebook games and challenges

happy calling!

**applicable for referrals to mobile numbers registered in India. for referrals to mobile numbers not registered in India, you will earn 20 nanu-out credits

Supported Devices: