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Brain training game based on N-back memory task proven to improve intelligence.

Owlie is a cognitive workout based on N-back memory task that is scientifically proven to increase working memory, and importantly, fluid intelligence – which was previously thought to be unchangeable!

Owlie is more than just a dual N-back game. You can play with 4 audio-visual stimuli in 15 different game modes at your preferred turn speed to work through 10 N-back levels. It is easy to learn, yet challenging to excel at. You will gain incredible satisfaction from pushing your limits and unlocking new levels. This game is suitable for all age groups. Owlie can help improve your memory, concentration and reaction speed. It’s fun to play. And yeah, it’s free!

Exercising your brain with a dual N-back memory activity over a consistent period of time can not only enhance your working memory, but extend the benefit to other cognitive functions. This is one of the most promising research studies in cognitive neuroscience in recent times (Susanne Jaeggi’s original research: http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2008/04/25/0801268105). N-back essentially challenges you to remember independent sequences of stimuli presented simultaneously in N previous game turns and continually find matches between stimuli in the current turn and N turns back. This task gets inconceivably demanding and exciting as you progress to 2-back (level 2), 3-back (level 3) and higher levels. The longer and harder you train, the more effective it is studied to be.

Brain training with an N-back game will not do it all. There are many facets to keeping your mind sharp and fit:

• Sleep: Get your 8 hours sleep.
• Diet: Eat healthy and cook more often.
• Exercise: Play your favorite sport. Or just workout.
• Use your brain: Engage in a variety of mentally stimulating activities, without multi-tasking.
• Recreate: Relax and manage stress.
• Accept yourself: Be happy and content. Smile.
• Mingle: Socialize, but build caring relationships.
• Communicate: Express yourself.
• Detoxify: Avoid smoking and drink sensibly.
• Travel: Take time out and explore.
• Stay motivated: Pursue your dreams.
• Brain-train: Allocate some gaming time for N-back workouts.

Is mental wellness worth all this effort? You betcha! But where do you start? From the top (sleep)!

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♥ ♥ ♥ This app is for all brain fitness enthusiasts to play and enjoy! It is also a special dedication to people with learning or cognitive disability. Join us in creating greater awareness of brain health and mental wellbeing! ♥ ♥ ♥

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