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Welcome. Riffiti is a place where real people speak in their own words about how they interpret a concept or an idea. Join Riffiti community because you are tired of information overload and you care about the meanings in our human experiences. Whether we have college degrees or not, whether we can speak English or not, or whether we are poor or rich, we can all enrich each other by exchanging meanings.

Riffiti works like this: when you open the app you’ll see Riffiti Worlds. You join a World with a single tap. Once inside the World you answer typed-in questions by speaking into mobile video for 20-seconds with nothing more than your personal experience and your real-life understanding. That’s all there is to it. This simple format is being used by Riffiti users for a powerful social experience.

Riffiti is an ever-renewing, ever-surprising field of creative expression, celebrating the compelling diversity of people. The name Riffiti is a combination of the words “riff” and “graffiti,” reflecting the spontaneous and freeform expression by Riffiti community.

Social, Social Networking
Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad