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** Nominated as best multiplayer in Casual Connect Asia**

Disguised in the playful doodle is a thrilling multiplayer experience where high skills are rewarded.
Take charge of your tank and head-on for real-time battles with your facebook friends or any other player.

Unique hand drawn doodle artwork
Real-time cross-platform multiplayer battle
Endless customization possibilities

Multiplayer Modes:
1) One on one death match:- Destroy your enemy tank and dominate the battleground
2) Capture the trophy – Be the first one to find the trophy and exit the arena. Use power ups to boost your gameplay or slowdown your opponent’s progress
3) Coin collection crusade : Be the highest grosser of coins to make sure you win the battle. So be greedy but make sure you don’t get killed by enemy tank.
Single player game:-
1) Practice arena: harness your skills here and then get into the arena.
2) Infiltration: Infiltrate into enemy’s arena.
3) Defend your base against the enemy wave. (coming soon)

Blend Skills with Customization:- (Coming soon)
Use all your mean skills to upgrade the perfect battle vehicles i.e. Rust, Raven and Sting. Different tanks, weapons and power-ups can customize a battle vehicle that suit your play style.

With each upgrade gain more powerful armour and weapons (Coming soon)
Primary weapon,
Secondary weapons
AI Bots

Fascinating Powerups:
Freeze the opponent
Shield your tank
Tank speed-up
Bullet damage capacity enhancer
Health capsules

Achievements :
Trophy Case: Maximum trophies collected
1st Blood: 1st win in multiplayer mode
Recruiter: Invite 5 (n) friends
Streak Wins: Consecutive wins in multiplayer mode
Challenger: Accept 10 (n) challenge requests
Boost: Share your score on Facebook
Shout out Loud: Share your score on Twitter
And Counting: Kill/Death ratio
Treasure Collector: Maximum coins collector
God Like: Maximum kills

Supported Devices: