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This App makes higher education to USA easier for Students & Parents. It gives comprehensive information from end to end for relocating to USA
on a study Visa & beyond. This App gives you many useful & valuable information which is provided to you with just a touch which otherwise normally takes hours
together running from post to portals, from consultancies to counselors to gather information that to comes for an exorbitant fee.

With Stuforia you can:


It provides wide range of information when it comes to US Higher education like competitive exams information regarding US Universities like deadlines, eligibility
number of departments, fees structure ,score range,checklist, templates, Visas, bank loans, insurance, accommodations, Winter clothing, sim cards etc.,


Stuforia provide this unique features for students and parents to organize and preserve the required information digitally like score-sheets, University selection,
shortlisted Universities, documentation,passport information.


You can make use of this app to make payments to foreign Universities, educational agencies and other relevant agencies and authorities. This service reduces
time of running around to make foreign remittances and will be highly beneficial for students parents who does not have credit card and also for people who live
away from big cities.


You can download various templates associated with university application, visas and beyond on this app free of cost.


You can have information ad download various checklist like USA University application checklist,documents checklist etc.,

University Information:

You can get information about various US Universities like location, deadlines, eligibility requirements, departments.

University Selection:

You can choose Universities and select and save to your dashboard based on your preferences and choices.


This unique way of selecting and choosing Universities is USP of Stuforia.


You can get information guidance and assistance of student Visas like F1, M1 & J1. You can also get information on dependent visas like F2 and
also you can get information on graduation visas.

Bank Loans:

You can get information regarding education loan given by various banks and also download education loan application form rate of interest, EMI
checklist etc.,


You can book tickets to your destination.

Pre Departure:

You can plan your departure and gets tips with regard to your travel and relocation.


You can get information, premium amount and also insurance for your overseas travel.

Sim Cards:

You can get international sim cards which makes on arrival smoother.


You can finalize your roommates and also get information and book rooms, apartments in the vicinity of your University in this App.


You can have information vaccination and medical requirements as each Universities/colleges they have their own health requirement norms
which student has to pass through prior to the commencement of orientation/classes.

Driving License:

You can get information with regard to driving license requirement of each state in the US.

Supported Devices: