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Stay on top of your relationships over time. Tigli is the first relationship tracker to stay connected in real life.
Tigli monitors the intensity of your relationships; the more you meet and the more you chat, the stronger your relationship will be, and Tigli will show it. If you don’t meet in a while, Tigli will remind you.

-With a progress bar that reflects how intense your relationships are.

-Reminders to shake you up if you let a relationship go soft.

-“Shout” to quickly interact with your network members who are around.

-Chat, send pictures and much more to discover.

-Full control over your privacy and everything that concerns you.

-Needless to say, Tigli is entirely FREE.

Because people are the most precious wealth one can possess, make sure to keep them around!

Tigli was initially created to help former students stay in touch when leaving school or University. So use Tigli, keep your social life active and maintain your network “alive”.

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