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*** To experience ToneTag Pay, you require a reference code from any ToneTag enabled merchant. Rush to your nearest ToneTag merchant to get started ***

ToneTag Pay enables Contactless, Offline Mobile Payments on your Phone

Go Cashless

Cash is cumbersome. Forget about having loose change or going to the ATM and move onto a cashless economy with ToneTag

Go Offline

Make Credit Card, Debit Card or Mobile Wallet payments without any network or internet connection. Now you can use your Mobile Wallet with ToneTag even when you are Offline

Discover Security

Discover one of the most secure ways to make a transaction as all ToneTag transactions feature 3 layers of Encryption, along with Tokenization, White Box Cryptography and Multi-Factor Authentication. We never store any customer data, card data or transactional information in customer or retailer device. The anxiety about mobile payments is unwarranted with ToneTag.

Multiple Payment Options

Enjoy the flexibility of multiple payment options such as Credit Card, Debit Card or Mobile Wallet on your phone. Soon your wallet would be history

Experience Frictionless Payments

Enjoy a truly contactless and frictionless payment experience on your phone

About ToneTag

ToneTag is a product first company driven to realize mobile payments and revolutionize the payment ecosystem. We believe mobile payments need to be easier, more secure and accessible than traditional payment methods and we work to bridge the last mile in payments. Our technology uses sound waves toenable contactless, offline, proximity payments on any device. 2015 has been penned as the year of Mobile Payments. Mobile payments are finally taking hold and ToneTag is transforming the way offline payments are going to take place in the near future

ToneTag Pay
Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad